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Brand evolution

Not Nice was founded in 2020 by Jennifer McNichols, an artisan based in Austin, Texas inspired by a friend to make earrings out of can aluminum. Since that time, she and partner Jeremiah McNichols have continuously worked to develop ancillary sources of reclaimed materials and have designed new products to make even better use of the aluminum can waste stream they were seeing as they learned more about the craft beverage industry.

Today, Not Nice makes products developed from resources from all major Texas craft beverage markets, sells them online as well as at craft markets around the state, and is expanding into new regions of the U.S. and new merchandising channels, including in-store and other third-party sales.

Did you know?

While printed beverage cans can be recycled throughout the U.S., cans which use shrink-wrapped or sticker labels are either thrown away by recycling centers or can damage equipment or contaminate aluminum stock and prevent even more recyclable aluminum from being used.

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